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MYC Music for Young Children Accredited Program in South Surrey BC with Inspire Arts Academy



Enriching Young Lives Through Music & Learning


MYC Music for Young Children Programs now in White Rock, South Surrey BC at Inspire Arts Academy!

With an International network of more than 800 teachers, MYC provides enriching music and learning opportunities for over 24,000 students on 3 continents. MYC’s interactive learning system motivates and engages parents and children, nurturing family centric bonds and delivering valuable co-learning experiences through music.


MYC has provided empowering, enriching, and enjoyable music experiences since 1980. MYC registered and qualified teachers meet specific piano-performance and music-theory standards, receive special program training and are monitored to ensure consistently high music-education standards.


MYC is the only child-centered music-learning system that integrates keyboard, music theory, creative movement, rhythm, ear-training, sight reading, composition and singing. Children completing the most advanced level of MYC training are ideally prepared for intermediate piano studies, and will have an excellent head start for learning almost any other instrument.


MYC helps all participants – children AND their parents – develop a firm, fun, fundamental grasp of music. Music programs like MYC are also proven to enhance children’s future social development, learning skills, improve memory and problem-solving and bolster confidence and self-esteem. MYC is much more than traditional music lessons, it’s an entire life-skills learning system based around music.


By ensuring Small class sizes, teacher-student ratios are optimized to encourage constructive, social interaction among the children taking an MYC course.


MYC teachers are provided with ongoing support and guidance by a network of experienced field coordinators who mentor them and assist in developing their training skills.


Inspire Arts Academy in South Surrey’s specially trained MYC Teacher - Karen McKenzie


MYC Music for Young Children Schedule


Ages 2-3 Years



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Ages 3-4 Years



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Level 1


Ages 5-6 Years



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Level 1


7-9 Years



Level 1



Level 1


MYC Program Price $80 per month


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