Piano Lessons with Experienced Teachers at with Inspire Arts Academy in South Surrey BCInspire Arts' Piano Teachers Provide Engaging Piano Lessons in South Surrey BC



Choose the piano music you love from our flexible programs that fit all music styles and preferences.


Piano Program Synopsis:

  • University trained faculty, with BMus, MMus and PhD level teachers available
  • Beginner to upper level Royal Conservatory of Music Exam, Music Festivals, and audition preparation.
  • 30 minute, 45 minute or 1 hour lessons to choose from


Don’t own a Piano yet? No problem, let us help you! Ask us about the ins and outs about renting or purchasing a piano.



Our Amazing and Talented Teachers include:



Ask us about preparatory work for Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), Music festivals, and auditions - we are great at it!



What's it Cost?


Private Lessons (Pro-Rated)

  • $31 1/2 hour
  • $46 3/4 hour
  • $62 1 full hour


Upper level grade 8 to ARCT level

  • $70 1 full hour



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Inspire Arts Academy offers piano lessons in South Surrey, within easy reach of White Rock, and surrounded by places for parents to go whilst waiting to collect a pupil. With a qualified team of teachers local to the South Surrey area – we aim to make learning enjoyable and productive. Our teachers are all unique, just as their pupils are and have varied and accomplished piano teaching backgrounds. Piano lessons from our teachers take place at our new and hospitable Music Academy with 30 minute, 45 minute or 1 hour lessons to choose from.


Piano instruction requires the right teacher and finding a local piano teacher is a great asset for urban families in South Surrey BC and White Rock – especially if they are raising a future impresario or rock star! Imagine the convenience of having your piano lessons so near your home, with ample parking, and with local eateries and malls a stroll away... Make your music lessons part of an enjoyable family evening out!


Choosing a Piano Teacher in South Surrey


Choosing a piano teacher is easy with Inspire Arts Academy because all of our teachers have been vetted for quality and experience. There are many factors to consider all of which can be discussed with your selected teacher over the phone upon completing registration. These would include:


- What is your child's or your piano learning style? Are their special considerations?

- What are your goals as a parent or student in taking these piano lessons?

- What kind of piano music do you or your child enjoy?


After meeting your selected piano teacher they will be able to advise you on any and all questions you might have about learning to play the piano, including:


- What type of Piano you will need for home

- How often and how to practice when learning Piano

- What books and materials are required, or can be helpful when learning the piano

- The benefits or inconveniences of acoustic vs electronic pianos


You will find all of our piano teachers polite, thoughtful and genuinely interested in your musical needs – Learning the piano should be fun!


Can I combine Piano Lessons with Voice Lessons & Singing Coaching?


What a great idea! Learning proper breathing techniques, vocal exercises, tricks to complete a phrase or hit those high notes is often useful for life in general, encouraging pupils to be more outgoing, to enjoy their music even more – ask about combining Piano Lessons with Voice Lessons & Singing Coaching when you enquire below.


What Age should you Begin Piano Lessons?


Piano lessons can begin very early and are an excellent foundation for studying other instruments in the future, so some students have begun their studies as early as the age of 3 years old. Whether or not this is possible (or even a good idea!), is dependant on the child's attention span at this very early age and all children are different (starting lessons at ages 7-8 is more typical). No matter the age, whether young or old (and young at heart!), the piano is a great instrument to begin or continue a music education. Inspire Arts Academy is experienced in helping you choose the right personality of piano teacher for yourself or your child. Remember, learning a musical instrument should be enjoyable, a series of attainable goals, encouragement, and the teaching of keyboard skills to achieve the desired results...


Don’t own a Piano or Keyboard yet? We can help you! Ask us about the ins and outs about renting or purchasing a piano or keyboard – we have lots of experience in choosing and maintaining Pianos.


You may initially choose to purchase an electric piano or keyboard, in which case we highly recommend that your electric keyboard have weighted keys in order to simulate the touch of a real acoustic instrument. The nuance and tone of how a piano piece is played being essential to express the full potential of the composers work. Another option is to obtain an acoustic upright, baby-grand, or full grand piano – by diverse means including considering “Free” piano ads on Craigslist.  As this can be a substantial investment in time, effort and money, and as any piano will require tuning at least once a year from a professional tuner, it pays to make the right choice from the start – and you can benefit from our teachers experience when making this choice. For example, upright pianos can be a great option for both their value and compact size, but always ensure they have an iron frame or you may find yourself frequently off key! Grand pianos are majestic, they sound more powerful and are the true concert instrument – but you need both the space and the aptitude to make this investment in a piano worthwhile. Your teacher may well advise that the best way of obtaining a practice instrument initially is to do so “modestly,” and to reserve choosing a better Piano for later on as the aptitude level of the pupil improves…



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